Worked as designer/illustrator

in Amsterdam, Paris, New York and San Francisco

where he has been drawing cats, dogs, birds,

and other funny and not so funny things.

In black & white, color and some digital.

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black hole razor sharp triangles mouse sick of it
growing a cat balloons kicking tree surprise let's go
chicken 1 chicken 2 chicken 3 no laughs hollenstein
mermaid 1 mermaid 2 mermaid 3 ostrich dogs and men
copins-2 reading-2 granny

relax inseparable reading granny living matter
pope-et-deciple personage-2 code-4
evolution pope sunny side up bar-code-1 bar-code-2


CHAT-SIAM cat10 cat-13 cat-18
cat 1 cat 2 cat 3 cat 4 cat 5
walking-cactus-2 struisvogel-2

GMOs corn GMOs cactus GMOs ostrich GMOs melon GMOs agave
All images © Jacques Bouthoorn

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